for Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 3rd Laptop Motherboard LRV3 17800-1 FRU;01YN206 01YN210 01YN240 5B2013402 CPU:I5 8350U 8G motherboard For LENOVO Thinkpad YOGA Core SR340 I5-7300U 16G Mainboard LRV2 MB 16822-1 448.0A913.0011 01AX854 16GB Notebook DDR4 KoCoQin laptop SR33Z I7-7600U 448.0A912.0011 01AX856 14282-2M CARBON 4th 4Gen Type 20FB, 20FC mainboard i7-6600 CPU FRU 01AX813 New Original Shell Upper Case Palmrest with Backlit Slovak Keyboard 2nd Gen C Cover 01HY830 Cameron Sino 3300mAh battery 20FB002VGE 20FB003RGE 20FB0043GE 20FQ000QUS Carbon yoga X1C 65W 20V 3.25A Power Charger Adapter IdeaPad 330 13 14 PA-1650-72 36200251 45N0258 thinkpad x1 portátil placa-mãe i5-6300 4GB 01LV903 01AX806 01LX904 100% test Bag 520 530 510 730 720 320 14 15 13.3 12 Computer Handbag 20JD 20JE 20JF 20JG 2017 Front Camera Board (HD+IR) 00HN390 IR MIC 1st LCD Bezel Frame 460.04P06.0003 SB30K66571 00JT846 Fingerprint Reader Sensor Connecting Cable Wire Line FFC FPR SC10Q25678 ADLX65YLC3A ADLX65YLC3D USB-C Type-C 920 920-13 920-131KB 920-13IKB Hinge Strip 00JT858 6th 2018 Webcam 01HW046 01HW047 01HW045 01HW044 new original lenovo led lcd lvds cable 450.0A907.0001 Special Leather/Carbon fiber vinyl Skin Sticker Protection Extreme/P1 2020 3 15.6 With Latin Spain 01YR551 1 st Lower Bottom Base 00JT837 SCB0K40141 Protector Leonvo 9 2021 Colorful Vinyl Decal 8 Covers Genuine 95W 4.75A /15V 3A /9V /5V ADLX95YCC3 14S THINKPAD T470ST SP keyboard 4 2016 SN20K74755 KB hot sale Spanish 01AV186 00PA707 New/Orig DE German Touchpad 20BS 20BT Akemy 48.4RQ01.021 04X0495 I7 3667U 8GRAM Test 2th 3th 5th 370 L380 L390 Ethernet line Mini RJ45 04X6435 1000M accessories hinge 00JT844 00JT845 Lcd Screen Axis Sharft hinges T490 ET490 LAN Network Jack 02HK993 NS-B903 FRU: 00JT811 para placa 448.04p16.002m I7-6600U RAM text Stickers 8th 7th 2019 Protective Skins E14 D Black Housing 5CB0S95328 5CB0S95329 Cover/The cover case 01AY911 01AX888 20BS-20BT-20A7-20A8 fingerprint device board Bracket 04X6436 2PCS Anti-Glare Guard Filter (6th Gen) - LGS-1 Button Switch Subcard LED 04W3909 48.4RQ27.021 55.4RQ04.021 5 (14) 2-in-1 SM10P36082 20QF 20QG 20SA 20SB 01YU090 01YU091 NEW JIANGLUNNew Tablet 2 Thin 01AW600 04W0020 01HX700 CABLE 450.04WDJ.0001 TESED OK carbon (Type 20KH, 20KG) Heatsink Cooling Fan 01YR203 01YR159 01YR204 NOKOTION 00HT351 13268-1 448.01406.011 3nd I5-5200U NM-B141 W/ i5 6300U 8G-RAM tested 01LV446 01HY004 01LV450 i7-8650U 01YN209 Evo SR3L8 I7-8650U 8GB 01AW881 01AW880 01AW879 DMX3A NM-B271 04W3893 04Y1972 11246-1 48.4RQ16.011 I5-3427U 4G 448.04P16.002M 448.04P15.002M i7 16G-RAM X1c PC LMQ-2 I5 5200U Quality Assurance 4210 4300 LMQ-1 12298-2 5300U 6200/6300U x1c notebook assurance Brand i5-6300U Touch Digitizer Assembly 14.0 Display Replacement 01AW977 01AX899l 2560*1440 Oled 30PIN Slim Wholesale L490 T480s T480 Inch Modules NV140FHM N61 B140HAN03.1 00NY435 00NY436 FHD 72% IPS Panel Mount N140HCG-GR2 B140QAN02.2 NV140QUM-N53 01YN158 01YN177 01YN122 QHD 2560x1440 Non-Touch Matrix LP140QH1 SPB1 Non 1920x1080 gen 20HR 20HQ.